John Sahl Andersen

John Sahl Andersen

Professor, Seniorforsker

Undervisnings- og vejledningsområder


Medical school: Teaching at the clinical course in general practice (group lessons and lectures, 12. term) and the course in Early Patient Contact (lectures, 1. term). Supervision of bachelor and master theses.  Examiner in the the courses mentioned.

Public Health school: Supervision of bachelor and master theses.   


Supervisor in the research training at the specialist education in general practice. Teaching at courses in register research. Supervisor of PhD students.



Aktuel forskning

Patients with multimorbidity in general practice

Interventions in relation til patients with multimorbidity especially a new consultation model (in Danish: overblikskonsultation) for patients with complex multimorbidity.

Polypharmacy in general practice
The purpose is to study polypharmacy from both a patient and a GP perspective. The concepts appropiate and inappropiate polypharmacy are investigated and developed.


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