Tablet computers to support outpatient pulmonary rehabilitation in patients with COPD

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BACKGROUND: A minicomputer (tablet) with instructions and a training diary has the potential of facilitating adherence to pulmonary rehabilitation (PR).

OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the effect of adding a tablet to a classic outpatient PR programme for COPD patients.

METHODS: A total of 115 patients participated in a 7- to 10-week outpatient PR programme in groups of 10-12 individuals. Half of the groups were assigned to PR plus a tablet (tablet group) and the other groups were assigned to PR only (controls). Primary effect parameters were endurance shuttle walk time (ESWT) and disease-specific health status (COPD Assessment Test=CAT).

RESULTS: The change in ESWT was significantly better in the control group (mean 167 sec) compared with the tablet group (mean 51 sec) (p<0.01), whereas the change in CAT score did not differ significantly between the two groups (-0.6 vs. -2.3) (p=0.17).

CONCLUSIONS: Compared with usual PR, no significant improvements were seen in the group equipped with the tablet after 7-10 weeks of rehabilitation. Future studies should focus on long-term effects.

TidsskriftEuropean Clinical Respiratory Journal
Udgave nummer1
Antal sider6
StatusUdgivet - 24 maj 2016

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