Emerging versions of patient involvement with Patient Reported Outcomes

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It is a central argument in the growing Danish PRO-arena, that a large-scale collection of PRO from patients in the Danish Healthcare system will pave the way for more genuine patient involvement in clinical decision-making, quality management and governance of the health services. In this paper I discuss how patient involvement is being (re)configured when increasingly connected to national visions of participatory healthcare. A central discussion centers on ‘meaningful use’ of patient-generated data promoting patients’ expectations and experiences as a criterion for how to proceed with the national use of PRO. But how do assumptions of what constitutes meaning for patients interact with the kinds of roles that patients are expected to take on with PROtools? What forms of participation are assumed to be meaningful and thus good and which are not? In sketching emerging versions of patient involvement with PRO, I want to point to the need for further empirical exploration of how patients and professionals engage with PRO in specific daily practices and to stimulate a general discussion of all too simple normativities of the so-called ‘participatory turn’ in healthcare. I draw onempirical insights from an ongoing study of establishment of a national initiative for systematic collection of PROs in Denmark.
Antal sider6
StatusUdgivet - 2017
BegivenhedInfraHealth 2017
The 6th international workshop on Infrastructures for healthcare (IHC): Infrastructures for governance, quality improvement and service efficiency
- Aarhus University, INCUBA, Aarhus N., Danmark
Varighed: 22 jun. 201723 jun. 2017
Konferencens nummer: 6th


WorkshopInfraHealth 2017
The 6th international workshop on Infrastructures for healthcare (IHC)
LokationAarhus University, INCUBA
ByAarhus N.

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