Mogens Grønvold

Mogens Grønvold


Professor in Palliative Care and Patient-Reported Outcomes Assessment, Department of Health Services Research (50%) and Consultant and Head of the Palliative Care Research Unit, Department of Geritrics and Palliative Medicine, Bispebjerg Hospital (50%).

Recipient of the Danish Cancer Society's Honorary Award 2022.

Chairman and founder of Danish Palliative Care Database (DPD) – a national quality and research database comprising the about 10,000 patients referred to specialized palliative care at hospices and palliative teams/units every year.

Chairman of the Committee for Crossdisciplinary Palliative Care Collaboration (2018 - )

2021-2025 WP-leader in the EU-funded Dyadic Psychoeducational Interventions for people with Advanced cancer and their Informal Caregivers (DIAdIC)

2023-2026 WP co-leader in the EU-funded EUonQoL Quality of Life in Oncology

2011-2014 chairman (2014-15: past chair) of EORTC Quality of Life Group – a research group with more than 240 members from Europe and Canada, Australia, USA, Taiwan, Japan, Brazil under the European Organisation for Research and Treatment of cancer. The Group is internationally acknowledged as a leader in development and application of patient-completed questionnaires in clinical trials.

Primary fields of research

  • Health services research concerning palliative care
  • Cancer patients’ experience of disease and treatment
  • Development and validation of questionnaires – particularly concerning cancer patients’ symptoms, problems, and quality of life

Current research

Please see the web site of the Palliative Care Research Unit.


’Groenvold M OR Gronvold M’ i PubMed.



M.Sc. in Public Health Science: Responsible for the course ‘Questionnaire Construction’.

Responsible for the PhD course ‘Questionnaires in clinical and public health research: development, validation and evaluation’.

Pregraduate supervision on several of the Faculty’s programmes.

Supervision of 18 PhD students.

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