The effect of reminder letters on the uptake of an e-learning programme on dementia: a randomized trial in general practice

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BACKGROUND AND AIMS: The aim of the present study was to evaluate whether three reminder letters mailed to GPs after dissemination of a Dementia Guideline increased the GPs' use of the corresponding e-learning programme (ELP). METHODS: Single-blinded randomized trial among all GPs in Copenhagen Municipality from 1 November 2006 to 1 May 2007. RESULTS: A total of 15 of 320 GPs (4.7%) had a web-based logon during the study period. The intervention group had a significantly increased frequency of web-based logons (P = 0.0192) equivalent to a hazard ratio of 8.0 (95% CI: 1.03-66.1; P = 0.047). NNT was calculated to 22.2. We could not detect any significant differences in any of the secondary outcomes. CONCLUSIONS: Three reminder letters added to a nation-wide dissemination increased the probability for a GP logon in the ELP by a Factor 8. However, in total, only a small proportion used the ELP. Thus, further research is needed in order to consider future implementation strategies for Internet-based Continuous Medical Education activities among not primed GPs
Udgivelsesdato: 2009/12
TidsskriftFamily Practice
Udgave nummer6
Sider (fra-til)466-471
Antal sider6
StatusUdgivet - 2009

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