Dan Wolf Meyrowitsch

Dan Wolf Meyrowitsch


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    Educational background
    May 1995. PhD, biology, Institute of Zoology, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
    September 1989. Cand. scient., biology, Institute of Zoology, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

    May 2004 -      Epidemiologist,  Associate  Professor,  Section of Health Services Research,  Department of Public Health, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
    February 2001 - April 2004. Epidemiologist,  Assistant  Professor,  Section of Epidemiology,  Department of Public Health, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
    January 1998 - December 2000.  Research Scientist, Danish Bilharziasis Laboratory, Research Project Coordinator in Kenya and Tanzania, EU Filariasis Project
    January 1996 - December 1997. Post-doctorate Research Scientist, Danish Bilharziasis Laboratory    
    August 1991 - May 1995. PhD project, Danish Bilharziasis Laboratory
    September 1989 - January 1991. Parasitologist, Danish Bilharziasis Laboratory
    March 1989. Assistant Teacher  in malacology at diploma course arranged by  the Danish Bilharziasis Laboratory 

    Periods of overseas research activities
    October - November 2003. Study on consequences of exposure to W. bancrofti among expatriates in Tanzania (PI)
    July - August 2002. Reproductive health survey  in Quynh Luu District, Vietnam. Responsible  for quantitative data collection
    November - December 2001. Lymphatic  filariasis  in Tanga Region, Tanzania. Follow-up on mass-DEC-chemotherapy (PI) 
    February 1998 - September 2000.  Lymphatic  filariasis  in  coastal  communities  of  Kenya  and  Tanzania,  Local  Project Coordinator
    February - December 1996. Lymphatic  filariasis  in Tanga Region, Tanzania. Follow-up on mass-DEC-chemotherapy, effect of DEC treatment on Ascaris, effect of DEC-medicated cooking salt on Onchocerca volvulus (PI) 
    October - December 1995. Institute of Malariology, Parasitology and Entomology, Hanoi, Vietnam. Planned and held first  national  seminar  on  epidemiology  and  control  of  lymphatic  filariasis,  reviewed  the geographical distribution of filariasis in Vietnam 
    July - August 1994. Lymphatic  filariasis  project  in  Tanga  Region,  Tanzania.  Follow-up  on  mass-DEC chemotherapy (PI) 
    September 1991 - October 1993.   Lymphatic  filariasis  in Tanga Region, Tanzania. Epidemiology and control. Part of PhD project (PI)
    October - December 1990. Epidemiology of schistosomiasis in Northern Region, Ghana (PI) 
     January - August 1990. Schistosomiasis  in  Liberia,  W.  Africa.  Studies  on  the  epidemiology  of  Schistosoma haematobium  in  SE  Liberia.  A  project  financed  by  EEC  as  part  of  South  Eastern Development Program in Liberia. Part of PhD project. Project ceased due to outbreak of
    civil war. Evacuated by cargo ship to Canary Islands,  Project Officer/PhD Student
    April - August 1987. Survey  of  high  alpine  invertebrates  in  Tibet,  PRC,  Eastern  Turkey  and  Ladakh,  India (University  of  Copenhagen),  mapping  of  ancient  pilgrim  routes  in  Central  Tibet (observations later published as two chapters in "Tibet Handbook" by Victor Chen) 
    May - August 1985. Survey  of  high  alpine  invertebrates  in Eastern Turkey  and  Ladakh,  India  (University of Copenhagen)

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