Brice Maxime Hugues Ozenne

Brice Maxime Hugues Ozenne


2022- 2023 UNIVERSITETPÆDAGOGIKUM, Course in teaching and learning in higher education

2015-2020 POST-DOC in biostatistics with a shared positive between

  • University of Copenhagen: researcher and teacher at the Graduate School of Health and Medical Sciences
  • Copenhagen University Hospital: consultant and leader of the data analysis workpackage of the Neuropharm project

2012- 2015 Ph.D. IN BIOSTATISTICS, University Lyon 1, Lyon, France
Thesis Title: “Statistical modelling for the prognosis of stroke patients”

2011- 2012 MASTER'S DEGREE IN BIOSTATISTICS, University Lyon, Lyon, France. Carried out in double degree with the École Centrale de Lyon.

2009- 2012 ENGINEERING DIPLOMA from the École Centrale de Lyon, Lyon, France.

ID: 144764824