Workshop on Sex, Consent & Technology

The intimacy of sexual relations makes consent requirements both particularly important to protect and extremely difficult to establish. Rape, sexual assault and sexual harassment are increasingly serious social problems on university campuses and beyond.  On the other hand, sexual relations can bring significant benefits in terms of health, wellbeing, and self-fulfilment. So we face an intricate problem: we need safe consent requirements which protect and enable everyone - and especially women; but those requirements need to be workable both in terms of implementation and in terms of avoiding backtracking on the achievements of sexual emancipation. This workshop will discuss consent within the context of sexual relations from a variety of perspectives that go from theoretical approaches (the concept of consent and its ethics) all the way to possible technological solutions and implementations of affirmative consent.

09:30 Rina Fajriani (Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies): Renegotiation use and cultural appropriation of Tinder.

10:30 Klaus Høyer (Medical Science and Technology Studies): The history of informed consent as organizational practice and its potential implications for sexual relations.

11:30 Kristine Køhler Mortensen (Nordic Research): Moving between yes and no: Maintaining tension as a flirting strategy.

13:30 Nanna Taszarek Holm (Philosophy): Autonomy, consent and adaptive preferences: choosing sex work under deprived circumstances.

14:30 David Stodolsky (Social Informatics): Flirting failures, non-consensual sex, and stigma: Information technology solutions? 

16:00 Francisca Nordfalk (Public Health): What does opt-out mean for sexual relations?

17:00 Gottfried Schweiger (Salzburg): Sexual Consent between Teenagers: Autonomy Thresholds and Paternalism in the Age of Sexting.


Organized by Ezio Di Nucci at the Centre for Medical Science and Technology Studies

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