1. 2020
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    Shorter Recall Period for the Thyroid-Related Patient-Reported Outcome Measure ThyPRO Did Not Change the Accuracy as Evaluated by Repeated Momentary Measurements

    Boesen, V. B., Feldt-Rasmussen, Ulla, Bjørner, Jakob Bue, Cramon, P. K., Grønvold, Mogens, Rasmussen, A. K. & Watt, Torquil, 2020, I : Thyroid. 30, 2, s. 185-191 7 s.

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    Substitution of sugar-sweetened beverages for other beverages and the risk of developing coronary heart disease: Results from the Harvard Pooling Project of Diet and Coronary Disease

    Keller, Amélie Cléo, O'Reilly, E. J., Malik, V., Buring, J. E., Andersen, Ingelise, Steffen, L., Robien, K., Männistö, S., Rimm, E. B., Willett, W. & Heitmann, Berit, 2020, I : Preventive Medicine. 131, 105970.

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    Temporal relations between atrial fibrillation and ischaemic stroke and their prognostic impact on mortality

    Camen, S., Ojeda, F. M., Niiranen, T., Gianfagna, F., Vishram-Nielsen, J. K., Costanzo, S., Söderberg, S., Vartiainen, E., Donati, M. B., Løchen, M., Pasterkamp, G., Magnussen, C., Kee, F., Jousilahti, P., Hughes, M., Kontto, J., Mathiesen, E. B., Koenig, W., Palosaari, T., Blankenberg, S., de Gaetano, G., Jørgensen, T., Zeller, T., Kuulasmaa, K., Linneberg, Allan René, Salomaa, V., Iacoviello, L. & Schnabel, R. B., 2020, I : Europace. 22, 4, s. 522–529 8 s.

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    Test-retest reliability of a maximal arm cycle exercise test for younger individuals with traumatic lower limb amputations

    Christensen, J., Tang, L., Doherty, P., Langhorn, C. & Langberg, Henning, 2020, I : European Journal of Physiotherapy. 22, 2, s. 115-120 6 s.

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  8. E-pub ahead of print

    The Predictive Value of Return to Work Self-efficacy for Return to Work Among Employees with Cancer Undergoing Chemotherapy

    Rosbjerg, R., Hansen, D. G., Zachariae, R., Hoejris, I., Lund, Thomas & Labriola, M., 2020, I : Journal of Occupational Rehabilitation. 14 s.

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    The association of thyroid stimulation hormone levels with incident ischemic heart disease, incident stroke, and all-cause mortality

    Møllehave, L. T., Skaaby, T., Linneberg, Allan René, Knudsen, Nils Jakob, Jørgensen, T. & Thuesen, B. H., 2020, I : Endocrine.

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  10. E-pub ahead of print

    The effects of the number of consecutive night shifts on sleep duration and quality

    Garde, A. H., Nabe-Nielsen, Kirsten, Jensen, M. A., Kristiansen, J., Sørensen, J. K. & Hansen, Åse Marie, 2020, I : Scandinavian Journal of Work, Environment & Health. 36, 2, 8 s.

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    The impact of longstanding illness and common mental disorder on competing employment exits routes in older working age: A longitudinal data-linkage study in Sweden

    Harber-Aschan, L., Chen, W., McAllister, A., Jensen, Natasja Koitzsch, Thielen, Karsten, Andersen, Ingelise, Diderichsen, Finn, Barr, B. & Burström, B., 2020, I : PLoS ONE. 15, 2, e0229221.

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