Reproductive Health Research Group

The overall purpose of the research conducted in the Reproductive Health research group at the Section of Social Medicine is to study the consequences of infertility and its treatment, how we can prevent infertility and its consequences, and to study family formation.

To address the research questions we use data on psychosocial factors, data on health and mortality, clinical and biomedical data, and data on family formation.  

We have a special focus on three overall research programs:

  1. Consequences of infertility and its treatment
  2. Prevention of infertility and its consequences
  3. Family formation

Core group
Professor wsr Lone Schmidt, Data Administrator Charlotte Ørsted Hougaard, PhD student Ditte Vassard, Post.Doc Emily Koert, Research Assistant Gritt Marie Hviid Malling, Associate Professor Mads Kamper-Jørgensen, PhD student Randi Sylvest

Core collaborators: Professor Anja Pinborg; Professor Brennan D Peterson, Chapman University, California; PhD student Clara Glazer; Associate Professor Gert Martin Hald; Consultant Henriette Svarre Nielsen; Research Assistant Ida Vittrup Nielsen; Professor Jacky Boivin, Cardiff University, UK; PhD student Juliana Pedro, Porto University, Portugal; Associate Professor Julie Lyng Forman, Senior Research Fellow Dr Karin Hammarberg, Monash University, Australia; Assistant Professor Mariana Veloso Martins, Porto University, Portugal.

COMPI: Lone Schmidt has established the cross-disciplinary and international Copenhagen Multi-centre Psychosocial Infertility (COMPI) Research Programme. COMPI is also part of the Sexuality, Interpersonal Relationships & Reproductive Health (SIR) Research Group, Department of Public Health.    

Our research is based on longitudinal studies with repeated measurements of important variables from questionnaire-based studies, national register based data, and data from medical records as well as qualitative interview studies.

Data Resources
COMPI Infertility Cohort
COMPI Danish National ART-Couple (DANAC) I Cohort
COMPI Danish National ART-Couple (DANAC) II Cohort    

Qualitative interview studies with women and men on family formation intentions and with couples experiencing pregnancy loss

Leadership: Lone Schmidt, Professor wsr