The CLEAR research group (Copenhagen Life Course Epidemiology in Aging Research)

Our purpose is to study social inequalities in health and aging in a life course perspective, and to explore the pathways through and interactions with psychosocial, psychological and biological factors. We want to inform policy makers on intervention possibilities aiming at reducing social inequality in health among middle-aged and older adults.

Research focus

The CLEAR group has four major research themes:

  1. Life course and aging – with a main focus on identification of life course social, psychological, behavioural and biological risk factors for physical and cognitive function, inflammation and retirement patterns in late middle-age and early old age.
  2. Risk factors for disease and functional decline among older people – with a main focus on the impact of social circumstances and risk of functional decline.
  3. Natural experiments and complex interventions with a main focus on middle-aged and older people living in socially diverse neighbourhoods.
  4. Demography of aging with a major focus on gender and social inequalities in health and life expectancy.

We believe that a better understanding of life course social determinants of aging as well as their interplay with psychological, behavioural and biological factors is of huge importance in today’s aging society, in order to inform effective intervention strategies. Specific knowledge about risk factors and development of interventions in the most vulnerable older citizens will add important new knowledge to this area.

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    Rikke Lund, associate professor

    Center for Healthy Aging

    CLEAR is a part of the research network Center for Healthy Aging at Copenhagen University.