Jonathan David Comins

Jonathan David Comins


My research at the Department of General Practice, Institute of Public Health is in the field psychometrics, where we use qualitative and quantitative methods to develop patient-related outcome (PRO) questionnaires.

My doctoral thesis focused on knee pathology – more specifically on patients who are treated for rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). My research associates and I have used Cognitive Interviews to generate a condition-specific questionnaire for patients with an ACL rupture and for patients who have been treated surgically for this injury. We then applied Rasch Item Response Theory (IRT) to confirm the psychometric properties of the proposed scales. This is the first Rasch-based PRO questionnaire for ACL deficiency.

Future research entails longitudinal cohort studies to compare treatment modalities (e.g., surgical vs. non-surgical treatment) to ascertain best treatment effect for ACL deficiency. Also, we plan to develop Rasch-based scales for knee pathologies such as meniscus injury, hyaline cartilage degeneration and osteoarthritis, and diffuse anterior knee pain. In addition, we plan to generate Rasch-based scales for shoulder and other musculoskeletal impairments using Rasch IRT, and we plan to conduct correlation studies with biomechanical and other physical measures of impairment and disability. 

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