Discontinuation of Preventive Drugs in General Practice

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Introduction: In Denmark about 600,000 persons are treated for hypertension and more than 300,000 people are receiving cholesterol
lowering drugs. The prevalence of hypertension in people aged 80 years is 70%. For antidepressants the defined daily doses/1000 aged
>80 years/day exceed 200. By far the most preventive drugs are prescribed in general practice. Special considerations exist in relation to
medication of elderly patients. The prevalence of polypharmacy and the subsequent increased risk of side effects and drug interactions is
high. Drug-related problems represent the fifth leading cause of death in the United States. The public expenses to drug treatment are
constantly increasing. The possibility to withdraw the medication must be taken into account but the decision to discontinue drugs is
complex and poorly understood. Planned studies: 1. Patients’ views upon discontinuation of preventive drugs. Qualitative interviews with
patients experiencing discontinuation of preventive drugs addressing: Which attitudes do the patients have towards preventive drugs?
Which thoughts do the patients have in relation to discontinuation of the drugs? How do they understand their own and the GP’s role in the
process of discontinuation? 2. Doctors’ views upon discontinuation of preventive drugs. Qualitative interviews with GPs and register studies
addressing: How do GPs understand discontinuation of preventive medicine as a concept? What do GPs perceive to be the barriers to
discontinuation? Does an increase in preventive medicine prescription reduce the usage of lifestyle recommendations? 3. Prescription of
antidepressants for elderly patients. Register studies and questionnaires to patients and GPs addressing: To whom and why are
antidepressive drugs prescribed? Does the prescription pattern agree with clinical guidelines? Is discontinuation of the treatment possible?
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